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  1. Mehdi
    Mehdi says:

    Hello, we have purchased anatronica3d two days ago,
    We have a problem downloading it through the ionline system you have set up through paypal.

    The file only downloads 87% and then quits .
    We have tried 5 times(as requested)
    used download manager to resume downloads
    attempted to do it from different computers

    NOTHING works.
    We have purchased MAC and PC version.
    Please HELP
    We are a reputable organization and needed your software for the demonstration purposes.
    It seems that no one is available at natronica to respond to customer issues.
    Thank you
    Invoice ID is 3kv0dwct468cf41bn6urizeghwkck04wcksw4go.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Do not use download manager because it will not work. We sent another active links which will be active for 24hrs.
      Thank you!

  2. Paulina
    Paulina says:

    I have purchased anatronica3d today an I also have problems downloading it.

    The file only downloads but then inmeadeatly disapers…. ?
    I have tried 5 times but it just wont WORK!!

    Im starting to feel like a fool…. :-/

    Please help/P


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