Anatronica for Android Devices

Anatomically accurate, high detail 3D model of human body

Easy way of navigating and exploring human body

Fast search function over 2500 human body parts

Quiz feature to test your knowledge

Wikipedia content for every part

Suitable for students and teachers

Frequent updates and additions

ver 100k downloads of free version

Anatronica Free – Explore skeletal and muscular system with Anatronica Free for android, it includes only skeletal and muscular system.

Anatronica Pro – Includes all available human anatomy systems with Gray’s Anatomy and Wikipedia data. All future upgrades are free. Before deciding to buy pro version try free version with only skeletal and muscular system included.

About 3D model – 3D model used in Anatronica 3D Interactive Anatomy is anatomically accurate model of human body consisting of over 2500 objects.

What others think?

“Anatronica is an awesome option for students who appreciate the help of 3D models when studying human anatomy.”


“…if you were looking for something to help you understand your body better, this is your app!”


“This is the most informative med app i have ever downloaded!! I could have easily given 6 stars!!!!!”