Circulatory System Added to Anatronica Pro for Android!

Long-waited circulatory system is now part of the Anatronica Pro for Android devices, both tablets and phones. Few speed improvements are coming in next update so stay with us!

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Circulatory system in abdominal cavity (even with more details Human anatomy systems)

Circulatory System for Anatronica Pro for Android - Abdominal Cavity

Circulatory system in thorax region (even with more details Human anatomy systems)

Circulatory System Anatronica Pro for Android - Thorax

Circulatory System Anatronica Pro for Android - Thorax

Android App Update

We released new update for both free and pro version of our anatomy 3d app for android!
We followed suggestions from users and tried to make it even better, you can find the new
free version here or you can purchase pro version here. Currently, pro version differs from the
free one because it does not have ads. Next update will be even bigger, lots of new features and

android app update

Anatronica free 3D anatomy app update

Android App Update – Muscular System Added!

Muscular System is added to Android version of Anatronica. We fixed various bugs, added new camera controls and exit button that was requested by users. Thanks everybody for feedback, let us know if you find any more bugs or have a feature request or any other idea.

Current features of Anatronica for android:

-Complete Skeletal System
-Complete Muscular System
-Quiz (For both skeletal and muscular system)
-Data (Wikipedia and Gray’s Anatomy data for every object)
-Easy navigation
-Search function

Stay with us, we are preparing new update!

Google Market Link

Anatronica – – 3D interactive anatomy viewer

Anatomy Systems:

Anatronica – Android Phone Edition

We released anatronica interactive anatomy viewer for android phones. The app is suitable for phones with resolutions 800×480 and for tablets with 7 and 10 inch screens. We used HTC Desire android phone as a testing device, framerates are acceptable for a such an old phone. Of course the framerate on new HTC phones would be better than on an older phone.