Desktop version of Anatronica update released

Advanced Viewer has all of the currently available anatomy systems:

-Skeletal System
-Muscular System
-Circulatory System
-Respiratory System
-Reproductive System
-Nervous System (Central Nervous System)
-Endocrine System
-Urinary System
-Digestive System

You can get your copy here: Anatronica Advanced Version

The Quiz functionality is available for all of the listed systems. If you want to try Anatronica Quiz, try our demo for skeletal system, it has quiz feature enabled,you can find it in the human anatomy systems section. Customers who purchase the Advanced Viewer will have access to these and many other systems and future developments through FREE UPGRADES. Ofcourse, by buying advanced version of anatronica viewer you are helping the development of the complex anatomical structures, all anatomical systems are going to be online for free (presented in parts).

Anatronica Advanced Version

Anatronica Pro Version


Tips for using the desktop version of anatronica viewer.If you find desktop version of anatronica to run slower than expected due to older hardware try lowering resolution or running in fullscreen. You can also set the quality of display to medium or low in the player itself (default is high). Finally you can set lower number of objects to be displayed by using mouse scroll wheel.