Peripheral nervous system

Check out our free 3D presentation of peripheral and central nervous system in high quality with Unity3D plugin here (go to nervous system section) or in lower quality but no additional plugins required here. Very easy to visualize how central nervous system is connected to organs and limbs through peripheral nervous system. Learn about brain sections and much more!

Nervous System

Nervous System

Android App Update – Muscular System Added!

Muscular System is added to Android version of Anatronica. We fixed various bugs, added new camera controls and exit button that was requested by users. Thanks everybody for feedback, let us know if you find any more bugs or have a feature request or any other idea.

Current features of Anatronica for android:

-Complete Skeletal System
-Complete Muscular System
-Quiz (For both skeletal and muscular system)
-Data (Wikipedia and Gray’s Anatomy data for every object)
-Easy navigation
-Search function

Stay with us, we are preparing new update!

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